Agricultural (Individual) Loan


Physical person, 
housekeeper engaged in agriculturing



Purchase of working and fixed capitals and/or capital reconstruction and

or other repayment






from 12-60 months

maximum 48 months



(Determined by the scale of  loan term credit granting stage, creditworthiness)

   AMD` 21%                                                                                                                                                       

Attention this loan nominal interest rate can be modified by the company. *

Applicationfee 0 AMD  
Disbursement(determined by the scale of the loan term) min 3.5 %, max 5.5 % not more than 250.000 AMD  

Interest payments



Principal repayments

monthly annuity payments

up to 18 months 6 months per year (annual maximum)

Individual Repayment Schedule Depending on the customer's specifications


Minimal amount

500 000 AMD 


Maximal amount

7 000 000 AMD 


Security of Loan Recovery 5*

1. 3 guarantors  (Moreover, 1 guarantee must be family member).In case of necessity, it may be required as a variety of additional security, movable property, plus guarantees. In case 2.000.001 - 7.000.000 AMD  pledge and 2 guarantors (And in all cases one  guarantor will be entrepreneur's family member).


Pledge 3*

1. physical person filing a loan application
2. 1st class family member of physical person (father, mother, wife, child)
(The case of the right of joint ownership is also observed)


Penalty and fine of overdue amount

0.13% of overdue amount for every calendar day  
Penalty and fine of overdue interest 0.13% of overdue amount for every calendar day  
Loan provision method non-cash




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